bidong island

bidong island

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Date: 10/07/09-12/07/09
Venue: Pulau Bidong

It is a very different experience for me to explorer the Bidong island which is belongs to UMT. It is unbelievable that the undergraduate stil have to join this type of activities. But it was really enjoyable

d 1st day we reach there, i found tat d bidong island really beautiful. unimagine beautiful....d seaside, sunset n d sea are really make me feel comfortable there.....

d 1st activities we join there is water is d 1st time i jump into d sea from a boat...luckily there was a faciliator who teach us d proper way to jump into the sea...haha..
unbelievable...jump into sea oso need 2 teach 1...haha....

but anyway... i really enjoy tis activities very much......